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Oranges in December


I just looked in the mirror
And things aren’t looking so good
I’m looking California and feeling Minnesota, oh yeah….

Outshined by Soundgarden

It’s been a long winter, however not as bad as others. Global warming had our average temperature at 32F/0C for most of January. Usually February is pretty cold… Let’s hope not =-)

Have a wonderful Monday!

© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

How to View Winter In Illinois

I’m reverting a bit here… I tried to focus on the two lists of Great Things About Winter Part I & Part II, to no avail. I sure thought I was working through the beginning of this winter fairly well… Until yesterday, when I nearly froze my left tit off just getting the mail. Today’s is still in the box!

Again and again. I wonder why I’m still here. Why would anyone want to live in an area that touts NEGATIVE degree weather?? I’m not talking wind chill, I’m talking actual temperatures.


Accuweather’s forecast for today. “Real Feel of -27″

My dogs don’t understand why they can’t run farther than the middle of the yard before their paws freeze. The sad part is they will run out there and get ‘stuck’. They pick-up one paw, then the other, then will cry and good ‘ol Mommy will need to go out there and carry them back in. I can’t put ‘paw mittens’ on them as they just look like walking drunks and pull them off immediately. I did learn a trick from Paul Shorrock – One Man’s Mountains AKA One Pillock’s Hillocks. He told me to use Vaseline. I’m going to do that tonight before they get let out, now that it’s down to 9F.


We’ve decided to go to Hot Springs, Arkansas for the week of December 20th through 28th. My company is closed for the holidays and my husband isn’t working regular hours. We figured that this was an opportunity we didn’t want to pass up. Yes, we will miss the family for the actual holiday, but we’ll just be celebrating a week later, no biggie. I’ll write more later.


Stay warm!!!
© Ilex Farrell ~ Midwestern Plant Girl