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Finding Peace



My head reels with the stinging pain of last night’s events.

Thoughts of you caused me to become disobedient.

At least this time it was a strong dose of alcohol.

You always said I would forever be your babydoll.

I remember a time when you loved with such passion.

You said no woman you’ve loved would fair in comparison.

The adoration you gave me was overwhelming.

I didn’t see the wound inside you festering.

I’ll never forget your white boy face and deep brown eyes.

Mystic, somber pools of emotion that terrifies.

Something behind them obsessed your heart and inner soul.

I felt myself helplessly falling onto a black hole.

I often think back to what you said pushed you to the edge.

That even a mere glance of me was your sole privilege.

Your possessiveness and insults made me such a wreck.

I saw the love in your heart through the marks on my neck.

I tried to leave but you wouldn’t pardon my release.

Hunting me down wherever I went to find inner peace.

You thought you couldn’t exist without having me.

There was no way in your mine I’d ever be free.

I finally decided I had to end this fate.

The pain and suffering wouldn’t let me hesitate.

I still feel your haunting stare upon me behind the shadows.

But at least I know it was coming from the gallows.

© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl


Crows Mob a Red-Tailed Hawk

image   image

I heard a serious amount of cawing from our local crow neighbors, more than normal. I knew that meant there was a hawk around and grabbed my camerone to investigate. The angry mob was resting for a moment in my neighbor’s tree. I was able to get closer before the hawk flew off to find a less noisy place to hunt.

Mobbing is a tactic by which smaller, usually prey animals, gang-up on a predator to prevent from being eaten or their offspring eaten. Many types of animals do it. African buffalo mob lions, ground squirrels mob rattle snakes, fish mob turtles, meerkats mob foxes, the list goes on.

Many flocking birds such as chickadees, titmice, crows, terns, blackbirds, gulls, and mockingbirds will mob an enemy if it gets close to their nesting area. Flocks will work cooperatively to scare off the possible threat. Birds do this by a combination of tactics. Most smaller birds can outmaneuver a hawk and will fly above it, swooping down to pull feathers out of it’s head. Another not so polite thing to do while flying overhead it to poop on the hawk. With all the ruckus, hawks realize they have been spotted, their stealth has been lost and generally move on to another area..

Although rare, full grown crows do make mistakes and can be captured by a hawks. I did run across a few videos that proved the theory. Not going to post here on a ‘gory clause’, but go ahead and do a search on You Tube if you’re curious.

© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

Cooper’s Hawk – Accipiter cooperii


Although Cooper’s Hawks are really cool birds, I’d rather be viewing this guy somewhere other than my feeder.

Being a Cooper’s hawk is a tough business. A study was conducted of more than 300 Cooper’s Hawk skeletons in which 23% revealed many, healed-over fractures in the bones of the chest.

Coopers Hawks don’t kill their prey by biting it like other hawks, they repeatedly squeeze their prey until it dies. They have also been known to drown their prey.

When Good Dogs Go Bad….

Yesterday, we had the a doggy play date with the dog down the street. His dad likes to bring him down here so he can smoke his stinky cigars and get some time away from his 4 chitlins and wife.

Oreo really likes Valentino or Tino for short. They have played since Tino was a puppy and he is nearing 1 1/2 years now. They really like to get their inner rough house on, often rolling around, biting and growling at each other.

Tino’s dad has decided not to neuter him, not because he wants Tino to be a dad, but because his dad thinks it changes the personality of the dog. I don’t not agree fully. I agree that it make a dog a bit more passive, that is all.

Our boys are both neutered. I’ve always neutered my dogs. It was never a question to do it or not, I just did it.

Breck is the elder dog at seven, with Oreo at four. Breck is the dominant dog, although he rules the house in a calm, controlled manner. Breck rarely raises his voice at Oreo, a low growl is all he needs to say, ‘Quit it!!”

Breck isn’t much of a rough houser. He likes to run around, however no chewing-up necks and such. The three of them were playing chase in the yard when Breck stopped and Tino grabbed onto his head. I happened to step outside the moment he got ahold of his head. I knew something wasn’t right and started full bore running at them. Ran right out of my shoes! Breck started to squeal the moment I arrived. I grabbed Tino’s collar as my husband and Tino’s dad arrived. Tino had Breck tight and wasn’t letting go. I held Breck while Tino’s jaw was pried off my boy’s head.


These photos were taken the next morning. Too traumatized to take photos that night! We took him to the emergency vet. They were able to (super) glue his ear closed, opposed to stitching it.


Super glued ear.


His other puncture wound.

My Bro & his girlfriend came over for late Christmas tonight. Here’s the funny shirt I got! What timing, Right?!?!

I personally think Tino, in his pubescent hormone rage, decided to go after the dominant dog to challenge him. Yes, Tino is a pit bull. They do NOT have locking jaws, however, they do have very strong jaws. I’m not an animal expert, however I’d lay a strong bet on this theory.

© Ilex Farrell