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Kickin’ Wing is Now Kickin’ Ass!

On October 2nd, Breck had his CCL (Doggy ACL – Knee) surgery and was put on rehab for the next 8 weeks. He was to be on a leash when taken out and not allowed to run around or rough house with his brother, Oreo. It has been a long, hard road, however Breck has fully recovered and is back (mostly) to his old self. He will still tuck his leg up while he walks on our wood floor and when he wants sympathy and a treat! Otherwise, I have seen him run around the yard just like he used to. His fur has started to grow back in, just in time for the cold weather. You can still see where he was shaved, though.

While recovering, we did give him many nick-names like: Hop-a-long, Gimpy, 3rd Wheel, and Kickin’ Wing, which came from the movie Joe Dirt.Β  However, now that he’s back in action, we’re going to call him Kickin’ Ass!!

Β© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Girl