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Burr Oak Sketch

We recently went to the Vintage Wine Fest in Utica, Illinois, and camped at a favorite campground, Hickory Hollow. Sadly, the newly built sand mine next door has sent folks elsewhere to camp as it is very noisy, along with blasting throughout the day. Another sad note is that the owners want to retire. They had hoped to find someone to purchase the campground and continue to run it as one, however no such luck. The sand mine gave them an offer they couldn’t refuse and they accepted. The mine is allowing them to stay in business until October of 2017, right after wine fest, a big weekend for them.

We have been camping here for the last 10 years. We’ve been on many different sites, however site H0 is our favorite. There is a large, burr oak on the site that is just magnificent. I am besides myself to know that this tree will be killed to be able to remove the sand it’s roots have been in for over many years (give or take 100, my guess). I’m very sad. =-(

I, of course, had to try my hand at preserving the memory of the grand ‘ol tree.



I hope some of the acorns I grabbed will continue on the heritage of this wonderful tree.

© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

Drawing Sunflowers

I had a great idea last spring to try to better my drawing skills. Or perhaps, to find any form of drawing skill !! I am really good at drawing the extremely, symmetrical 2D shapes that are necessary in drawing landscape plans, however, throw in that last dimension and I’m lost. I figured I wanted to try drawing from a photo first, as it is already in 2D. Not sure if that helped or hurt, but these are my first few attempts.


These were actually water-color pencils. I’ve never worked with them before. I felt like a little kid again, as I remember that newspapers sometimes used to include paint-by-numbers with ‘paint’ included on the paper. Just use a wet brush on the paint which activated it and you were able to paint your picture. These pencils work in the same manner, as you use a wet brush on them after you’ve drawn. I think it makes the drawing look smoother & I can hide all my gorilla strokes with the pencil.


Messin’ with camera setting….


Here’s the funny part… My husband is a double art major that attended college at an art institute… I don’t know if I really want to ask for advice. Has anyone had success in having their spouse teach them something without anyone loosing any limbs? =-D

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