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OMG Asparagus… In April!

I think the earliest we’ve ever had asparagus was late April in 2015. Granted, this is one the first one to pop-up, however the others are never far behind. I’m so looking forward to fresh asparagus!

It was my first Friday back at work last week. The four months of three day weekends are officially over. Sad face. Only clocked in 46.5 hours. It’s still early.

Due to my co-worker’s health issue, I will going out in the field this year to plant the annual container flowers. How sick is it to be happy to be out in the field? I’m only doing it due to her bad health?  Sadly, that’s how life rolls.

Enjoy your Sunday! It’s going to be a beautiful one in the Midwest! I’ll have some beautiful pix from some of the pots we’ll be planting soon.

© Ilex ~ Midwestern Plant Show



imageYa know… When it comes to holidays at my house, I tend to spend them on the down-low and don’t want to get sucked into the commercialized side. I’m also not religious.

There are other ways I celebrate and look forward to. Today is that day. The beauty of today is that I didn’t know exactly when this holiday would be celebrated. I knew it generally falls towards the end of April  (2015) or possibly the beginning of May (2014). Either way, it brings me great joy… More than Christmas. I’m sure you’ve already checked your calendar to see if this holiday is national or recognized. I’m sure there are some folks that will become celebrators after I let you in on what the big hub-bub is…

It’s Asparagus Season!!!! Yeah!!!! Woo hooo!!

Grilled, steamed, garliced, fresh, wrapped in prosciutto (thanks Mongo’s Dad!) & provolone, creamed soup, pickled, omelettes, sauteed… Did I leave out any other way to enjoy these succulent, juicy, gifts from Mother Earth?!?


© Ilex – Midwestern Plant Girl

Fresh Veggies For Our Pie-Holes!!

For posterity, but a boring post…

My list of 2014 Veggies!

Last years garden set-up….

wpid-2013-06-01-11.59.44.jpgwpid-2013-06-01-11.57.18.jpg  wpid-2013-06-01-11.59.26.jpgwpid-2013-06-01-11.57.03.jpg

I have cheated in the past and have bought plugs. This will be another year that I go with plants from Streambank Gardens. They are organic, chemical free and best of all… INEXPENSIVE!! A 6 pack of 2.5″ plugs for $5.95. You cannot shake a stick at that. Their flowers aren’t, maybe that’s where they make up for it.

I also bought seeds from Johnny Seeds. But, I also got some good ‘ol Burpee’s. I plant a boatload of spinach. Whenever there is room when plants are small and spinach can fit in between, in it goes. After something’s harvested and pulled out (cauliflower) in goes some spinach. I’ve also found spinach to be the finickiest seed in my garden. One year I bought a 1/4 lb. of seed and most of it failed. It’s happened twice. Now I buy a bunch of different spinach seeds and mix-it-up. This works best IMO.


Tomatoes ‘San Marzano’ & ‘Roma’ These are for sauce!

Broccoli ‘Belstar’

Cauliflower ‘Goodman’

Celery ‘Tango’

Brussel Sprout ‘Long Island Improved’


Spinach, snap peas, carrots, beets, pole beans, cucumbers, pie pumpkins, cantaloupe, sunflowers & nasturtiums.

I’ll pick-up some crazy variety of large tomato from a local nursery. I will also get free dill and cherry tomatoes. I don’t even bother planting them anymore, they’ve come back religiously for 8 years…  why stop now?!?